I am Samuel Pröll, currently working as a senior data scientist in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. In my previous role as junior researcher at the Tyrolean Private University UMIT (Hall in Tirol, Austria), my research was focused on biomedical image analysis and biosignal processing.

About this blog

In this blog, I will try to post small yet interesting nuggets of knowledge, that I have unearthed during my work as a researcher in the biomedical field and as a data scientist in the healthcare industry.

I have done research on 2D and 3D convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for computer-aided diagnosis and biosignal processing for health monitoring. In my current role as data scientist, I am applying machine learning (supervised + unsupervised) and statistics to business problems. My go-to programming language is Python with the common data science and machine learning stack.

This homepage is a work in progress. I am planning to write about several topics, related to python programming, machine learning and data science.